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Want to replace the tires and wheels on your vehicle with ones that offer exceptional performance, selection, and value? Then you need to roll past the big box discount tire stores and head straight to S & S Tires.

Whether you're a fan of Goodyear or Michelin, our selection will ensure you find the best tires and wheels that best gel with your vehicle's appearance at an affordable price. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

Tires and Wheels for Sale

Wheels add to the look; they upgrade your vehicle from ordinary to custom! Tires make the ride; they put the fun back into driving. Get the winning combo right here.

Our wheel and tire collection features a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, so you get exactly what you want. Want them mounted, balanced, and ready to roll? Give us a call to have your vehicle get set to go!

Our Commitment to you

• We can beat any price

• Guaranteed customer satisfaction

• Quality new and used tires

• Offering cheap tires and wheels

Pay us a visit today and experience the best for your tire and wheel needs.

Great Deals

We have some amazing deals to offer to our customers. Browse our website to know more about our special offers.

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Contact us at (916) 728-4100 to schedule an appointment! We are your local tire dealer in Citrus Heights for all your tire and wheel needs.

Everything We Touch, We Warranty!

Located in Citrus Heights, CA, we serve clients in our surrounding service area, including  Sacramento, Orangeville, and Fair Oaks, CA.

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S & S Tires

Located in Citrus Heights, our service area includes Sacramento, Orangeville and Fair Oaks.
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Everything we touch, we warranty!

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